Australians Love Flyscreens, and for Several Good Reasons

Naturally, the first thing you think of when you hear the word “flyscreen” is protecting your home from flies. However, this type of screen does more than keep out flies, it also protects you from other kinds of pests, especially mosquitoes, during the warmer times of the year. Therefore, this type of screen has more than one basic use.

Some of the Major Advantages

Besides keeping out unwanted insects, Mandurah flyscreens also provide the following:

  1. Added Security

The strong net structure of a flyscreen makes it more difficult for criminals to get inside your home. The frames and nets of the flyscreens keep you safe from burglary or invasion. The increased strength of flyscreen materials frustrates criminals. After all, they do not want to have to work at getting inside a home. Anything that makes crime a challenge usually prevents its occurrence.

  1. Increased Safety for Kids

You can also use flyscreen products to keep kids from accessing certain areas, such as the back garden or a patio and pool area. You can keep an eye on your children much more easily and feel better about their safety when you include this affordable barrier.

  1. Increased Privacy

The black mesh used for flyscreen netting enables homeowners to enjoy more privacy when using this type of product. When you place a flyscreen over a door, you can see outside. However, anyone outside cannot see what’s going on inside your house. Therefore, you can open your door for ventilation on a warm day, and not be worried about compromising your privacy.

  1. Energy Savings

Because a flyscreen permits you to open a door or window for ventilation, you can save money on cooling your home, or making it more comfortable. You have more latitude in keeping your inside environmentally comfortable when you can use the netting.

  1. More Natural Light

When you add a flyscreen, you can allow more natural light to flow through your windows. Because the screens add to your privacy, this is easier to do. A transparent flyscreen will give you the light you lack when the entrance is concealed with a solid door. The screen also makes you feel like you live in a larger space.

  1. Fresh Air

Because a flyscreen features a perforated mesh, you can safely air out a room whenever you wish. Added natural air in a home is better for your health, and reduces the incidences of colds, respiratory illnesses, and allergies. Why live in a space that is filled with stagnant or stale air when it isn’t necessary? These conditions increase the breeding of bacteria. That is why a flyscreen offers more protection than a barrier from flying insects.

  1. A Better View

When you add a flyscreen, you can enjoy the outside scenery more. A solid door does not give you this type of latitude.

Adding a flyscreen is a sound investment that you will not regret making. If you want to make the most of your living space and increase the protection at the same time, you cannot go wrong by learning more about flyscreen products and their ongoing benefits.

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